Lightning Network

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Over the past few months, I have been exploring the lightning network. It is a network that is built on the bitcoin network as a “second layer”. I would fail to explain lightning network since I’ve barely started on the long road of understanding it myself, but the briefest summary that captures the idea for me is that it is a routed payment channels network. I’ll leave it to others with good-er writing clarity to describe it clearly.

Bitcoin Whitepaper

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The paper that started it all
On Halloween of 2008, a paper was released that changed the world. The paper, titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” is a high level blueprint of Bitcoin. High level because there is no 1 document or 1 source for all of Bitcoin’s rules. It is a decentralized network, so even having 1 source for the rules will add centralization - I plan to write more on this in another blog.

Why is Bitcoin important?

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Me explaining why Bitcoin is important

I’ve been on a slightly more than year long deep dive into the rabbithole that is Bitcoin and in this post I’ll try to explain why Bitcoin is important. I’ve wanted to get my thoughts on Bitcoin down in this blog, but it is such a huge topic that I struggle to come up with a good format. Instead of writing up a huge “What is Bitcoin” post and failing to explain it properly, I want to start off with why should anyone care about it at all.